Janine Turner

Janine Turner is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer & EMO Master Practitioner Trainer in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Janine Turner
  • Address Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
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Nobel prize winning physicists have proven that the world is made up of a giant sea of pulsating energy that flashes into and out of being, millisecond after millisecond. Nothing is solid - this is the exciting world of quantum mechanics. 


At your core you are pure energy and your thoughts are literally changing the universe on a particle by particle basis. When you recognise and accept this truth your own potential for healing the pain in your life becomes possible.


Your past experiences your past relationships intertwine with your current perceptions that leave an imprint, an echo within your own energetic field.


I work with people just like you who may be experiencing challenges, hurt, emotional or physical pain, heartbreak or complete fear. People just like you who want to experience a sense of inner peace, an inner knowing that they are safe and a desire that they really do possess everything within them to manifest that which they want most in their life.


You see I have always been able to see people, their experiences, and their relationships energetically. I've worked hard to harness this awareness so I can help and support my clients to to live the life they are supposed to live and helping them develop their own inner knowing. A life filled with happiness, joy and emotional freedom.


I do this by tuning into your energy field so that I am able to see what is going on underneath the surface. We work together to release emotional traumas from your past, heal the wounds from past relationships and  shift the energetic blockages that are preventing you from experiencing more lightness within.


Most people can feel the way I work on their energy and it does in many instances trigger emotions to rise to the surface for healing. I like to view the way that I work as the ultimate emotional, physical and spiritual detox. Together, we cleanse and clear your energy so you feel and are demonstrably different. 


My work goes beyond conventional psychotherapy, beyond traditional energy medicine and operates at a soul level whereby I engage your higher states of consciousness to empower your life. Regardless of your beliefs around energy, religion, spirituality and science my unique methodology is powerful, instantaneous and transformational.


If you're searching for answers that have been eluding you in your quest for a happier and more fulfilling life then I sense tat I may be a perfectly aligned solution for what you intuitively crave.

I would love to hear from you


Janine x

Explorer of consciousness

Adv. Dip. Hyp  NLP   IEMT  

Meridian Psycotherapist




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